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WESTHUB - Modern Class A Logistics Centre

WESTHUB, a modern, Class A, greenest in Lithuania 15,500 square meter logistics centre in Kaunas, located near the western bypass, developed a 2.7-hectare plot and is focused on companies operating in logistics, pharmacy, trade or other fields. The particularity of the project is a representative office building of 1,800 square meters situated nearby, making it ideal for both logistics activities and a central business office.


WESTHUB Logistics Centre Territory

Parking lot: space 8 625 m2; 946 m2 for office building; 7 679 m2 for warehouses.

  • 84-places car parking lot
  • Elinta Charge electric car charging station: 10 places / possibility to expand up to 14
  • The area is surrounded by a 2-meter-high continuous perimeter fence
  • Controlled entrances to the warehouse and administration area
  • Automatic road barriers, automatic gate
  • Vehicle number plate scanning display panel at the entrance gate
  • Intercom system and breathalyser
  • Turnstiles for pedestrians to enter the territory and the building
  • Indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras
  • Area lighting
  • 24/7 access to the premises

Good Visibility and Convenient Access

The company logo on the facade of the building serves as a brand advertisement, perfectly visible to those driving on the Via Baltica motorway. An illuminated advertising pylon sign at the entrance will point in the right direction.

Main entrance to/exit from A1/E67 motorway, as well as convenient access from B. Brazdžionio Street.

Characteristics of the Interior of the Warehouse

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Air-to-air heating and cooling system

Electricity produced by a solar power plant

Energy performance Class A++

Energy-efficient LED lighting

10.7 m high to the ceiling


Possible temperature regime – +18°C to +20°C

Column spacing: 18 x 18 m

Floor load capacity 5 t / m2

Building management system

  • Electricity produced by a solar power plant
  • Lighting: LED lights
  • Heating/cooling: air-to-air system of heat pumps driven by electricity produced by a solar power plant
  • Possible temperature regime + 18°C to + 20°C
  • ESFR fire sprinkler system
  • Ventilation: intermittent ventilation of the warehouses by opening drive-operated skylights with wind and rain sensors, and gates manually / remotely
  • Lightning protection
  • Fire and security alarms
  • Ceiling height: 10.7 m
  • Column spacing 18 x 18 m
  • Floor: reinforced concrete, load capacity 5t/m 2
  • All engineering systems are equipped with control sub-accounts for resource consumption management
  • Energy performance Class A++

Ramps and Pre-assembling Area

ramp-are-image ramp-are-image ramp-are-image

Information about Ramps

Information about Pre-assembling Area

Number of ramps: 15 Height from the ground: 1.2 m Hydraulically adjustable Insulated (2.5 x 3.0 m), with cabins
Room height: 5.50 m Floor: reinforced concrete, load capacity 5t/m 2
About the Project


Strategic Location

In the city of Kaunas, close by the most important traffic arteries of Lithuania in the successfully operating transport and logistics ecosystem


Logistics centre and offices are efficiently planned at the same place


Energy performance Class A++

Renewable Energy

Solar power plant - the building is fully supplied with sustainable energy

Cool Roof System

Protection of the building from overheating in summer and generation of electricity by reflecting the sunlight

Efficient LED Lighting

Guarantee of lower electricity consumption while maintaining the required lighting parameters

Heating and Cooling

Possibility to heat and cool separate warehouse areas using electricity generated by a solar power plant

Building Management System

Computer-aided building management system

Suitable for Electric Cars

10-places electric car charging station


WESTHUB is the first A-class logistics center in Lithuania that was awarded the sustainable building assessment certificate BREEAM “Very good” (angl. Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).