In the Fast-growing Part of the City of Kaunas

WESTHUB logistics and administrative centre is being developed in the fast-growing part of the city of Kaunas, at B. Brazdžionio Street # 29, and is located at the crossing of the international transit roads: on the Via Baltica and just a few minutes away from A1 motorway. It is almost the only logistics centre within the city limits and is accessible from major residential areas on foot or by several public transport routes, which is attractive for both employees and distribution business in the city.

Perfect for International and Local Logistics in Kaunas

The WESTHUB project aims to meet the needs of supply chain leaders to operate in an efficient and sustainable manner, to be located at the busiest junction in the country, to be visible and well represented, especially easily accessible and able to offer a top-class job in the struggle for talents. Its attractiveness is also enhanced by the already successfully operating service ecosystem nearby WESTHUB: truck servicing centres, car wash, heavy- and light-duty vehicle showrooms, gas station, DEPO DIY, MEGA, easily accessible social infrastructure.

Unique and Sustainable

Unique and sustainable, the building will not use fossil fuels for its maintenance. All the energy required for the maintenance of the building will be generated by solar power plants and advanced technologies that have been introduced to reduce energy consumption. The project will seek to obtain a green building assessment certificate, the score VERY GOOD according to BREEAM rating benchmark levels.

Cost-effective and Environmental-friendly

The WESTHUB logistics centre, modern, easily accessible, safe, heated and cooled, supplied with electricity produced by a solar power plant, is a sustainable and economically viable solution for a successful business.

As Many as 3 Segments of Warehousing and Administration Facilities

From functional and engineering point of view, the logistics centre of 15,500 m 2 is designed to accommodate commercial and administrative activities of from one to three different lessees. The storage area is one storey high. Above the pre-assembling area there are mezzanine floors as well as office and amenity areas installed to serve the needs. The spaces of premises in the office building – of 400 m2.